How much do you know about the local appliance makers in Hefei?

Electric innovation is the driving force of “made in Hefei” to enhance product quality, taste and brand “three products” activities. Last November, Hefei home appliance giant MeiLing held a new release press conference in Sanya, Hainan, announcing a “M fresh” series of refrigerators for the world’s first starter “water molecules activation preservation” technology. The “water molecules activation technology” on the new “M fresh” refrigerator triggers the industry preservation limit, not only to realize the super long preservation of fruits and vegetables and food, but also to set up a new height of Chinese household appliance technology in the world. In the past 35 years, MeiLing, which focuses on innovation, has added another leading global core technology to Hefei.

In fact, MeiLing’s understanding of home appliances is not just that. Appliances are living appliances, but also a part of a better life. In the MeiLing home appliances exhibition center, appliances and decorations in different years will take you back to your past life. This Hefei household appliance giant, who grew up in small east gate and developed in the economic development zone, has left a biography of home appliance innovation for 35 years in Hefei. In addition to physical exhibits, the exhibition center commentator will also bring small reporters to feel the whole process of home appliances innovation.

The event was jointly sponsored by the Hefei Evening News Club and the Jianghuai morning newspaper small reporter club. The small journalists will have the opportunity to walk into MeiLing, feel the whole process of “manufacturing in Hefei”, and understand the story of the birth of the refrigerator.

Investment opportunity on Home appliance industry

With the increasingly fierce competition of white power, the future products will be more high-end and quality. Nowadays, the household appliance industry has shifted from big market growth to erosive growth, and the trend of household oligopoly competition is obvious. The competition of the household appliance industry will start from the retail channel and the manufacturing system, and the growth rate of the Internet will obviously slow down.

In the product aspect, the previous low price competition, the function of the white electricity product has no substantial change. In the increasingly competitive pattern, the household appliance enterprises will continue to launch the products of quality, high-end and fine quality. In the future, the competition of the household appliances based on “new products” tends to be clear and clear in the future.

Small household appliances still have high growth. Naka Yiyasu pointed out that in 2017, sales of domestic appliances increased by 6.8%, while sales increased by 17.2%. The future development of small household appliances will put forward two aspects, on the one hand, it is shown in the optimization of product structure. For example, the market proportion of the handheld push rod type product line in the vacuum cleaner market is 11 percentage points higher than that in 2016; on the other hand, the increase in the competitiveness of the high-end brands has also led to the growth of retail sales, such as the foreign investment in the hairdressing market. The proportion of high-end brands increased significantly. In 2017, the retail sales volume of the hairdressing market increased by 48.5%, which is also much higher than that of the retail sales.

Small household appliances coruscate new family life

It is true that small household appliances have not only rigid demand and stable market, but also new products such as traditional cooking products, vacuum cleaner, air purifier and other new products. The entry of these small household appliances will undoubtedly reduce our household work, improve the home environment and improve the quality of our life. . Perhaps the future of small appliances will bring more changes to our lives.

In fact, compared with the developed countries, the popularity rate of small household appliances in China is relatively inadequate at present. The market space of small household appliances in the future is still larger. With the new round of consumer upgrading, the size of small household appliances market is expected to achieve a sustained and rapid growth. Insiders said that under the promotion of the trend of consumption upgrading, the market share of quality and quality of small household electrical appliances will rapidly increase.

With the recent hot and hot food machine small household appliances as an example, the retail sales volume of 3 billion 440 million yuan in 2017, the growth of 55% on the same year, 8 billion 410 million yuan under the line of retail sales, up to 90%, become one of the small household appliances category. In addition, the traditional cooking small household appliances such as rice cookers and pressure cookers also showed stronger growth momentum on the online market. Data showed that the retail sales volume of rice cooker was 5 billion 790 million yuan, an increase of 21% over the same period last year, and the online share of the electric pressure cooker was 2 billion 910 million yuan, an increase of 44% over the same period last year.

Promote the upgrading of products in an all-round way

With the impact of the consumer upgrading of household appliances, the users of the demand side, in addition to having some commonalities, are also becoming more and more personalized. The subdivision of the small household appliances category has also become one of the main trends. For example, the most sticky rice cooker products with the strongest stickiness in the small cattle household appliances are gradually subdivided into the upgraded products represented by IH technology in the last two years, and these finely differentiated products will also show higher premium ability.

For example, the mixer products are also subdivided into mini, hand-held and more high-end wall breaking machine, among which the multi function of the high speed is gradually rising in the market, and the Joyoung and the United States as the representative of the cattle wild household appliance brand are also beginning to come into dispute. Data show that the wall breaking cooking machine online market is expanding at a rate of 187.7%, and its market average price even exceeds the average price of the mixer Market by 72.3%.

As a whole, the product is now more and more differentiated and individualized. At the same time, the functional experience is more young and intelligent, and the rich category almost covers all aspects of our life. It is believed that with the development of cattle and small household appliances, and the increasing family ownership, the future high quality cattle farm household appliances will be new to our family life style and lead the life style.

Some small household appliances have become disposable consumer goods

Ms. Wang’s family lives in the north section of the urban Changqing Road. She said that a few days ago, the electric kettle which had been used for six months in the house was broken. It was suspected that the line was in bad contact. The family took it to a nearby small household electrical appliance repair shop. After checking the maintenance personnel, the maintenance cost is about twenty or thirty yuan. “Now that household appliances are being upgraded quickly, tens of dollars are spent on the same section of the Internet. So she threw away the bad electric kettle.

Reporters learned in the interview that the use of small household electrical appliances is very high in life, but maintenance is not easy. Some of the small household appliances are reduced to a one-off consumer product because they have no maintenance or are not worth repairing.

Ms. Chen, who lives in the northern section of Xinhua Road, bought a children’s table lamp for more than 30 yuan last year. It won’t be bright at the beginning of last month. Ms. Chen did not consider maintenance, and bought a new online direct purchase. She said she also bought unfamiliar brands of hair driers and small household appliances, such as woolen bulbs. Ms. Chen said, today, the maintenance of small household appliances shop is not good to find, besides, small electrical appliances update fast, even if there is a local repair, maintenance costs may be fast to catch up with the price of new products, “not worth”.

The rapid development of small household electrical appliances

The small household appliances generally refer to the electrical appliances other than the high-power output electric appliances. Generally, these small household appliances are less used when they are used single times, or the volume of the fuselage is small, so it is called small household appliances. Small household appliances are household appliances that improve the quality of people’s lives.

In the past, with color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine, the four big pieces of electricity were popularized in Chinese families. With the saturation of the market and the change of consumption habits, the “non essential” small household appliances, which improved and improved their quality of life, began to be favored by consumers.

China’s small household electrical appliances industry started in the 80s of last century, although it has lagged behind the developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan for nearly 30 years, but its development has been very strong. At the beginning of the development, small household appliances only included rice cooker, water kettle, single product, simple function and small market scale. After entering 90s, the small household appliance industry developed rapidly. With the microwave oven and rice cooker products entering the market, the variety of small household appliances increased rapidly. In twenty-first Century, the consumers’ safety and quality of life for food and the quality of life With higher requirements, small household appliances are also transformed from economic and durable to environmental protection, health, fashion and individualization. All kinds of new and new materials are widely used in small household appliances. The trend of multi-functional and intelligent products is very obvious.

Help small old household appliances to improve their quality

“Can I be able to repair this rice cooker? It’s hard to repair, but it has been broken for a long time anyway. ” In the morning, the volunteer service team of the public service agency came to the new Kang community and volunteering to repair the household appliances for the residents. It is known that this is one of the “volunteer action” activities of the public welfare society, and then they will go to several other communities to let the residents really enjoy the convenience.

“Public interest stems from a coincidence, helps clean up, after busy work, everyone’s mental state is particularly good. So I thought, I should continue to do it. ” In the morning, the volunteer activity scene in the new Kang community, Lao Wang from the community of public service felt that his own specialty was in electrical appliances. Before retiring, he was a professional engineer of the company, and the maintenance of household appliances was a piece of cake for them. After joining the service agency, gradually transition to small household electrical appliances maintenance professional volunteer service.

According to the service agency, “our professional volunteer service is also guided by the autonomy of the District of Suzhou. They hope that the volunteers can play the specialty and improve the quality of service, but we really didn’t think that the maintenance of small household appliances was so popular.” President Wang Yan told us that the small household appliances in most homes were thrown away and some families had saved some faulty items, and they were all repaired, and the engineer volunteers in the team were busy.

31 small household appliances have the danger of electric shock

31 small household appliances, including electric stew, electric hair dryer, electrothermal cup, perm, sandwich oven and other small household appliances, were unqualified. Today, the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce reported the whole city.

In the recent inspection of commodity quality, the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce found that some small household appliances sold on the market have signs and instructions, input power and current, grounding measures, power connections and external soft lines, and other issues that do not meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

Including: Anhui MeiLing electrical appliances import and Export Co., Ltd. manufacturing, Langfang Sino-US electronic limited company production of “Maichang” flower basket type heater, Henan Xuchang Yanling three peak electrical appliance factory, a “PESKOE hemisphere” electric kettle, Wenling City Guangming Electric Co., Ltd. “bright” electric hair dryer, Shanghai Wahson electrical appliances have Limited company “Wahson” electric kettle, Shijiazhuang Maxiang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. “polar bear” thermoelectric blanket.

It is reported that the unqualified samples of grounding measures will be disconnected by the current carrying conductors under the action of the external force, which makes the touched conductive parts (metal shells) charged when the appliance fails, and thus the electric shock damage occurs. The power connection and the disqualification of the external soft wire will cause the heating of the power line, and then make the insulation of the power line hot-melt. The consumer is in danger of electric shock when using the product and may cause a fire.

Less and less customers need to consider before buying

Just past the “May 1” small holiday, the city’s appliance market is at the peak of consumption. Journalists visited the market and learned that, like dishwasher, embedded oven, dryer, and artificial intelligence small household appliances and so on, some new products designed to design avant-garde and high-end, although they have received much attention from the market, the supply of products is rich, but the actual sales situation is cold, forming the “dislocation” of supply and demand. How to satisfy the needs of consumers is becoming a hot topic for the home appliance market.

During the May Day holiday, the reporter visited the home appliance stores of many prosperous business circles in the city, such as multi-functional dishwasher, embedded oven, clothing dryer, chef machine, wireless vacuum cleaner, cleaning robot and some fashionable household appliances such as air purifier and family entertainment terminal, which integrated artificial intelligence ten It is rich in content, and the price range is relatively comprehensive, ranging from one thousand or two thousand yuan to 10000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. According to business introduction, this kind of product is sufficient, only dishwasher for example, the mainstream brand has more than 10, all kinds of models are no more than 100, high-end sold to seven thousand or eight thousand yuan, and the cheapest less than two thousand yuan. Like the popular sweeping robots in recent years, the product has been upgraded for several generations, and the price has dropped from nearly $10000 to just one thousand or two thousand yuan.

But the reporter interviewed a number of chain stores to understand that the actual sales of these new household appliances are not ideal, with the words of the merchants, many consumers are now watching, seeing more and buying less. Still, dishwasher is an example. Many consumers have needs, but buying or not buying them is very tangled. “I think the dishwasher has a large amount of water used in water, and it takes a long time to wash the bowl, and some are worried about it,” Ms. Wang said in an interview. Another consumer said that there was no extra reservation in the kitchen when it was decorated, so the installation of dishwasher was also a problem. For some AI products, consumers will worry about not using smoothly, cumbersome operation and even network security risks.

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