31 small household appliances have the danger of electric shock

31 small household appliances, including electric stew, electric hair dryer, electrothermal cup, perm, sandwich oven and other small household appliances, were unqualified. Today, the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce reported the whole city.

In the recent inspection of commodity quality, the Municipal Bureau of industry and Commerce found that some small household appliances sold on the market have signs and instructions, input power and current, grounding measures, power connections and external soft lines, and other issues that do not meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

Including: Anhui MeiLing electrical appliances import and Export Co., Ltd. manufacturing, Langfang Sino-US electronic limited company production of “Maichang” flower basket type heater, Henan Xuchang Yanling three peak electrical appliance factory, a “PESKOE hemisphere” electric kettle, Wenling City Guangming Electric Co., Ltd. “bright” electric hair dryer, Shanghai Wahson electrical appliances have Limited company “Wahson” electric kettle, Shijiazhuang Maxiang Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. “polar bear” thermoelectric blanket.

It is reported that the unqualified samples of grounding measures will be disconnected by the current carrying conductors under the action of the external force, which makes the touched conductive parts (metal shells) charged when the appliance fails, and thus the electric shock damage occurs. The power connection and the disqualification of the external soft wire will cause the heating of the power line, and then make the insulation of the power line hot-melt. The consumer is in danger of electric shock when using the product and may cause a fire.

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