Help small old household appliances to improve their quality

“Can I be able to repair this rice cooker? It’s hard to repair, but it has been broken for a long time anyway. ” In the morning, the volunteer service team of the public service agency came to the new Kang community and volunteering to repair the household appliances for the residents. It is known that this is one of the “volunteer action” activities of the public welfare society, and then they will go to several other communities to let the residents really enjoy the convenience.

“Public interest stems from a coincidence, helps clean up, after busy work, everyone’s mental state is particularly good. So I thought, I should continue to do it. ” In the morning, the volunteer activity scene in the new Kang community, Lao Wang from the community of public service felt that his own specialty was in electrical appliances. Before retiring, he was a professional engineer of the company, and the maintenance of household appliances was a piece of cake for them. After joining the service agency, gradually transition to small household electrical appliances maintenance professional volunteer service.

According to the service agency, “our professional volunteer service is also guided by the autonomy of the District of Suzhou. They hope that the volunteers can play the specialty and improve the quality of service, but we really didn’t think that the maintenance of small household appliances was so popular.” President Wang Yan told us that the small household appliances in most homes were thrown away and some families had saved some faulty items, and they were all repaired, and the engineer volunteers in the team were busy.