Less and less customers need to consider before buying

Just past the “May 1” small holiday, the city’s appliance market is at the peak of consumption. Journalists visited the market and learned that, like dishwasher, embedded oven, dryer, and artificial intelligence small household appliances and so on, some new products designed to design avant-garde and high-end, although they have received much attention from the market, the supply of products is rich, but the actual sales situation is cold, forming the “dislocation” of supply and demand. How to satisfy the needs of consumers is becoming a hot topic for the home appliance market.

During the May Day holiday, the reporter visited the home appliance stores of many prosperous business circles in the city, such as multi-functional dishwasher, embedded oven, clothing dryer, chef machine, wireless vacuum cleaner, cleaning robot and some fashionable household appliances such as air purifier and family entertainment terminal, which integrated artificial intelligence ten It is rich in content, and the price range is relatively comprehensive, ranging from one thousand or two thousand yuan to 10000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan. According to business introduction, this kind of product is sufficient, only dishwasher for example, the mainstream brand has more than 10, all kinds of models are no more than 100, high-end sold to seven thousand or eight thousand yuan, and the cheapest less than two thousand yuan. Like the popular sweeping robots in recent years, the product has been upgraded for several generations, and the price has dropped from nearly $10000 to just one thousand or two thousand yuan.

But the reporter interviewed a number of chain stores to understand that the actual sales of these new household appliances are not ideal, with the words of the merchants, many consumers are now watching, seeing more and buying less. Still, dishwasher is an example. Many consumers have needs, but buying or not buying them is very tangled. “I think the dishwasher has a large amount of water used in water, and it takes a long time to wash the bowl, and some are worried about it,” Ms. Wang said in an interview. Another consumer said that there was no extra reservation in the kitchen when it was decorated, so the installation of dishwasher was also a problem. For some AI products, consumers will worry about not using smoothly, cumbersome operation and even network security risks.