The rapid development of small household electrical appliances

The small household appliances generally refer to the electrical appliances other than the high-power output electric appliances. Generally, these small household appliances are less used when they are used single times, or the volume of the fuselage is small, so it is called small household appliances. Small household appliances are household appliances that improve the quality of people’s lives.

In the past, with color TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine, the four big pieces of electricity were popularized in Chinese families. With the saturation of the market and the change of consumption habits, the “non essential” small household appliances, which improved and improved their quality of life, began to be favored by consumers.

China’s small household electrical appliances industry started in the 80s of last century, although it has lagged behind the developed countries and regions such as Europe, America and Japan for nearly 30 years, but its development has been very strong. At the beginning of the development, small household appliances only included rice cooker, water kettle, single product, simple function and small market scale. After entering 90s, the small household appliance industry developed rapidly. With the microwave oven and rice cooker products entering the market, the variety of small household appliances increased rapidly. In twenty-first Century, the consumers’ safety and quality of life for food and the quality of life With higher requirements, small household appliances are also transformed from economic and durable to environmental protection, health, fashion and individualization. All kinds of new and new materials are widely used in small household appliances. The trend of multi-functional and intelligent products is very obvious.