Promote the upgrading of products in an all-round way

With the impact of the consumer upgrading of household appliances, the users of the demand side, in addition to having some commonalities, are also becoming more and more personalized. The subdivision of the small household appliances category has also become one of the main trends. For example, the most sticky rice cooker products with the strongest stickiness in the small cattle household appliances are gradually subdivided into the upgraded products represented by IH technology in the last two years, and these finely differentiated products will also show higher premium ability.

For example, the mixer products are also subdivided into mini, hand-held and more high-end wall breaking machine, among which the multi function of the high speed is gradually rising in the market, and the Joyoung and the United States as the representative of the cattle wild household appliance brand are also beginning to come into dispute. Data show that the wall breaking cooking machine online market is expanding at a rate of 187.7%, and its market average price even exceeds the average price of the mixer Market by 72.3%.

As a whole, the product is now more and more differentiated and individualized. At the same time, the functional experience is more young and intelligent, and the rich category almost covers all aspects of our life. It is believed that with the development of cattle and small household appliances, and the increasing family ownership, the future high quality cattle farm household appliances will be new to our family life style and lead the life style.