Some small household appliances have become disposable consumer goods

Ms. Wang’s family lives in the north section of the urban Changqing Road. She said that a few days ago, the electric kettle which had been used for six months in the house was broken. It was suspected that the line was in bad contact. The family took it to a nearby small household electrical appliance repair shop. After checking the maintenance personnel, the maintenance cost is about twenty or thirty yuan. “Now that household appliances are being upgraded quickly, tens of dollars are spent on the same section of the Internet. So she threw away the bad electric kettle.

Reporters learned in the interview that the use of small household electrical appliances is very high in life, but maintenance is not easy. Some of the small household appliances are reduced to a one-off consumer product because they have no maintenance or are not worth repairing.

Ms. Chen, who lives in the northern section of Xinhua Road, bought a children’s table lamp for more than 30 yuan last year. It won’t be bright at the beginning of last month. Ms. Chen did not consider maintenance, and bought a new online direct purchase. She said she also bought unfamiliar brands of hair driers and small household appliances, such as woolen bulbs. Ms. Chen said, today, the maintenance of small household appliances shop is not good to find, besides, small electrical appliances update fast, even if there is a local repair, maintenance costs may be fast to catch up with the price of new products, “not worth”.

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