Investment opportunity on Home appliance industry

With the increasingly fierce competition of white power, the future products will be more high-end and quality. Nowadays, the household appliance industry has shifted from big market growth to erosive growth, and the trend of household oligopoly competition is obvious. The competition of the household appliance industry will start from the retail channel and the manufacturing system, and the growth rate of the Internet will obviously slow down.

In the product aspect, the previous low price competition, the function of the white electricity product has no substantial change. In the increasingly competitive pattern, the household appliance enterprises will continue to launch the products of quality, high-end and fine quality. In the future, the competition of the household appliances based on “new products” tends to be clear and clear in the future.

Small household appliances still have high growth. Naka Yiyasu pointed out that in 2017, sales of domestic appliances increased by 6.8%, while sales increased by 17.2%. The future development of small household appliances will put forward two aspects, on the one hand, it is shown in the optimization of product structure. For example, the market proportion of the handheld push rod type product line in the vacuum cleaner market is 11 percentage points higher than that in 2016; on the other hand, the increase in the competitiveness of the high-end brands has also led to the growth of retail sales, such as the foreign investment in the hairdressing market. The proportion of high-end brands increased significantly. In 2017, the retail sales volume of the hairdressing market increased by 48.5%, which is also much higher than that of the retail sales.

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