How much do you know about the local appliance makers in Hefei?

Electric innovation is the driving force of “made in Hefei” to enhance product quality, taste and brand “three products” activities. Last November, Hefei home appliance giant MeiLing held a new release press conference in Sanya, Hainan, announcing a “M fresh” series of refrigerators for the world’s first starter “water molecules activation preservation” technology. The “water molecules activation technology” on the new “M fresh” refrigerator triggers the industry preservation limit, not only to realize the super long preservation of fruits and vegetables and food, but also to set up a new height of Chinese household appliance technology in the world. In the past 35 years, MeiLing, which focuses on innovation, has added another leading global core technology to Hefei.

In fact, MeiLing’s understanding of home appliances is not just that. Appliances are living appliances, but also a part of a better life. In the MeiLing home appliances exhibition center, appliances and decorations in different years will take you back to your past life. This Hefei household appliance giant, who grew up in small east gate and developed in the economic development zone, has left a biography of home appliance innovation for 35 years in Hefei. In addition to physical exhibits, the exhibition center commentator will also bring small reporters to feel the whole process of home appliances innovation.

The event was jointly sponsored by the Hefei Evening News Club and the Jianghuai morning newspaper small reporter club. The small journalists will have the opportunity to walk into MeiLing, feel the whole process of “manufacturing in Hefei”, and understand the story of the birth of the refrigerator.

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